Weekend # 2 with the cousins

9 Aug

Our second weekend with Annie and family was great, mostly we got to just catch up and the kids got lots of play time!

Aaron and I came across the best ever cinnamon roll recipe in the world and had to try them out, so I got some definite baking time in

Mattie was my little helper… man does she love to cook! That will have to be our thing when we visit, I’ll have her help me bake goodies! I have a tendency to do that anyway, but baking with her was lots of fun! (And clearly here Aaron is his usual impatient self… wanting to just EAT the goodies)

Matthew Man also got to spend some time with people he doesn’t see too often, like his Great Uncle Tony

And Great Grandma Ginger

And of course Facey got to do a little more dancing…

They went for lots of walks too, although normally it was the dogs getting walked

Look! Rocks! Look! Rocks!

I’m so glad the cousins finally got to meet eachother and get to know eachother a little


One Response to “Weekend # 2 with the cousins”

  1. Kathy Monday, 9 August, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    ahhhhhhhh, the sweetest ever..all you guys

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