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Baby boy number 2

30 Dec

Well it’s been a long 9 months but here we are finally at the hospital.
Melanie’s water broke at 4:00am and aunt Windy came over to keep an eye on Matthew while we are here.

– 5:00am Arrived at the hospital filled out paperwork and got her into a gown.

– 5:25am Got into our room (blue 2 -171) and got her hooked up to all the monitors.


– 6:50am Epidural is in contractions coming on strong!!

– 7:15am Drugs are in and she is dilated to 6cm. Now that she has the drugs in her we can take it easy and maybe get a nap in.

– 7:30am Ok that was fast she is now at a 9!

– 8:11am HE IS OUT 9lbs 8oz!! 21 & 3/4″ long!!



– 7:00pm Ok we finally decided on a name for this little guy…. Miles Aaron Burns