Matthew’s silly faces

8 Aug
Our Matthew Man is a pretty happy guy…
I enjoy the silly faces he makes… whether it be from goofing around (he is SO going to be a class clown type) or his constant singing (his latest song that he loves to sing is the “do ray me” song from “The Sound of Music” … only his version sounds more like “go me me”)
His favorite thing however, has to be Buzz. Woody comes in at a close second…
Buzz and Woody will always make him smile. But mostly Buzz.
Oh how I love that silly little grin!

A major milestone

6 Aug

I like to mention when Matthew hits any major milestones…and today he’s hit a big one!

Yes that’s right, he’s standing in the grass. some of you may recall that this is kind of a big deal (for this little guy at least)… but that isn’t the whole if it:

Oh that’s right: Matthew is standing in the GRASS… BAREFOOT! You have no idea the work it’s taken for him to come this far… little weirdo.

But we love him!

And look, even a smile still on his face!

weekend #1 with the cousins

3 Aug

Well our little Matthew Man (or Matt-chew as I call him, and as he now calls himself) is getting bigger and bigger! Sometimes I think that if I watched closely enough, I would actually be able to see him growing! We’ve had a busy summer, and he is learning and doing cute new things everyday… there is just too much to mention! I’m going to post up several videos over the next week or so, so be on the lookout. For now, I thought I’d start with one of the things we were most looking forward to this summer: visiting with Annie and her kids, and Matthew getting to meet them all for the first time! We spent a couple weekends with them…and looking through the pictures, mostly they are just of Matthew and Mattie… but I guess that’s to be expected with two adorable ones running around. I only have a few pictures of baby Charlie, but he was so quiet the whole time, you could practically forget he was even there!

bonding over…what else, my iPhone.

Mattie had a tea set… Matthew was not very “tea party” cooperative

best part of spending the weekend away: the chance to relax and actually spend some real time with my little man

Mr. Man

Mattie with her Uncle Bear

reading “Bears in the Night”… while the dogs plot how they are going to steal Mattie’s bagel

Miss Facey Face (aka Violet) can never get a break

no seriously, she can’t! the kids love her… and the fact that she will pretty much go along with any game, even wheelbarrow

one of the few pictures I have of baby Charlie… so cute! and he looks just like his uncle bear, it’s crazy!

mattie looking adorable as always… wearing the dress I made her! (not that you can really see it here)

These are from our first weekend with them, we had a lot of fun! More pictures and what we’ve been up to… probably tomorrow.

18 months!

24 May

Has it really been a year and a half? I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Our little man is just that now: a LITTLE MAN. He has truly developed his own personality. He is funny and smart as a whip! We had his 18 month checkup recently, and he is measuring in at a nice round 30lbs and 32 inches tall. Everything is healthy and he is growing just as he should!

He is talking more and more these days. One of his favorite things: counting. To be fair, his counting sounds a lot like “2 3 2 3 9 2 3 2” …as you can see he favors the 2’s and 3’s, but we get a good 9 8 and 5 in there occasionally. He counts everything though… he counts stairs as we climb, the grapes on his dinner plate (speaking of grapes… I think he would live off of grapes alone if I let him!), everything. He also loves to sing… he sings in the car and as he goes to sleep, or if he’s just playing and wants some music! I think I could listen to him sing all day, it’s just the best sound!

Another favorite is the body part game… as in “where is your nose/head/ears”. As of recently, all we had taught him was nose, ears, head, and belly. We had been working on eyes and mouth for a while but he was not interested. Then this weekend out of the blue he not only knows eyes and mouth, but also toes, feet, hands, and chin. He likes to say chin like “CHEEEEN!”. So as of that new development, we are now working on elbows “bobos” and knees. How did our little man get so smart? He always amazes me at how much he picks up on his own.

We have also started introducing him to Disney movies… I have to say, a good AND a bad thing. His favorite, by far, is Toy Story. 1 or 2, it doesn’t matter. He loves those toys! The first time we showed it to him… after a little while I looked over at him and his eyes were all red and teared up. At first I was confused but then I realized he was SO into the movie, he wasn’t even blinking. So on the plus side…if I ever need to keep him occupied for a little bit and not have to worry about him getting into trouble, I can put this on. On the down side… talk about a tantrum if you try to turn it off before it ends! And you better believe he will search for the remote to hit play again as soon as it’s over. He already knows all the right places to gasp, laugh, clap, or scream (yes, he screams along with Sid at the end of the first movie when all the toys are converging around him). Or, in some cases, “sing along” with the movie. I really need to get a video of that!

So there you have it, that’s our little 18 month old. I don’t have any pictures on this computer but I’ll be posting some up later plus a cute video I took of him in the car.

Matthew’s song

14 Apr

Matthew made up his own little song that he sings all the time now! It’s adorable, and this morning in the car he was singing… so I caught a little on video! Sorry it’s a bit shaky… I was driving at the time! Also for some reason it won’t let me post the longer version of this clip, so you’ll have to make do with a short one.

…also if you listen, you can hear that he sounds a bit nasal-y. he’s got a cold right now… and yet he’s singing!

Matthew’s first (real) Easter

5 Apr

We had a great Easter yesterday! Matthew had his first Easter egg hunt, one at home and one and Grandmama & Grandpa’s house. I’ve had several requests for video from his egg hunt but let’s face it: he’s 1. So unless someone specially wants to see the whole thing, I’m just going to post up a couple pretty short clips. This first one is from his very first Easter egg hunt ever. He really didn’t need any direction, as soon as he walked in the room and saw the eggs, he just started filling his basket. He was going strong until one of the eggs broke open and out spilled jelly beans! Since there was no point continuing the search now that he’d found candy, he went off to his room to sit in his rocking chair and eat his jelly beans.


Later on in the day we went over to Grandmama & Grandpa’s house for the afternoon and we had another egg hunt there.

It was pretty cold outside and windy as well, so he’s all bundled up. Sorry grandparents, no cute Easter outfit! He had a lot of fun, he kept saying “LOOK!” every time he found an egg, and “thank you” ever time he dropped one into his basket. I pulled out a few cute clips but I didn’t want to add too many so I will just put one. This is of Matthew trying to get the only 2 eggs we put in the grass. The thing you have to know about Matthew is that he has a weird aversion to grass… always has. He doesn’t like to walk through it or even touch it if he can help it. It freaks him out! Anyway, I like his big thank you to Grandpa for helping him at the end of the video.

Well we had a great Easter, too much candy. I’ve been on such a strict diet with no candy involved whatsoever, so it was a bit of a shock to my system I think! Matthew didn’t eat much real food, he had no interest once he got a taste of the candy. Also it probably didn’t help that Grandpa kept sneaking him bits of chocolate… but its a holiday, and also that’s my Dad for you! So I’ll leave you with this: a video of Matthew saying Happy Easter. We kept practicing it with him throughout the day and I think he did a pretty good job! Also Oma & Opa will want to watch this, he also practices saying your names and we get a couple good shots of him rolling his eyes at us! Isn’t he too young to be doing that to us?




…oh, and as a side note, while I was at my parents I came across this on their fridge, I felt it needed to be shared:

Happy Easter everyone!

3 Apr