I think it only fair that our puppies, who are such a big part of our life get a page of their own.



First up there is Puppy! Yes, his name is Puppy! He goes by many other names (Yeti, Frog, Jack…the list goes on) but Puppy is his official name. He is our poodle that no one believe is a poodle. I just can’t seem to let him have a poodle haircut (note the blue mohawk in the picture)! It doesn’t fit him. He is nearly 10 years old and he is an absolute sweetheart. Calmest dog you will ever meet! If it were up to him, he would do nothing more than sleep on the couch all day…in fact, that’s pretty much all he did until we got Violet… and needless to say, he doesn’t get much chance for that anymore.



And second we have Violet.  Oh Violet… we love her dearly but she has to be one of the most difficult dogs on the planet (and yes we did read Marley and Me!)! Violet was born deaf…although we didn’t find out until she was about 6 months old. We had our suspicions and so we took her to get BAER tested and sure enough! Totally deaf! That definitely explained a lot. Her nickname is Facey (she got called things like Butt Face and Monkey Face a lot early on) and these days, it’s rare anyone calls her anything BUT Facey. In fact, I’m fairly certain Matthew would have no idea who
“Violet” is but he absolutely loves his little “Cacey”. Dealing with a deaf dog was not easy for us, training took significantly longer and the lack of professional trainers that have ANY experience  with deaf dogs is suprising! We stumbled through it on our own though (and with the help of Google) and so these days everything is sign language. We are proud to say she knows all of her basic commands, plus how to shake and roll over. She’s a smart girl! Unfortunately she is also the reason for the destruction of everything in our house! Seriously, you turn your back for two seconds and this girl can get into anything!  She has the SWEETEST personality but sometimes it’s hard to see past the craziness. We love her anyway.


2 Responses to “Puppies!”

  1. Lorna Beasley Saturday, 13 September, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    Hi you guys:
    I keep up with your page. Am waiting for the little Burns to be born and HOPEFULLY you will send me the birth info for his baby quilt. I need:
    Name, date of birth, weight at birth, place of birth, length in inches at birth. I cross stitch this all on his baby quilt.
    I really love reading all comments and seeing your baby son.
    Just wish I lived closer to you guys.
    Love you all.

  2. Lorna Beasley Saturday, 13 September, 2008 at 6:59 am #

    Guess the above was supposed to be response to puppies. I have a Golden Retriever. She is beautiful and will send you a pic of her. She was just 5 years old and a year ago slipped on the wet concrete deck and tore the ligaments in her right hind knee. Whe was operated on in Gainesville, Fl at the Univ of Fl (wonderful vet school there). She has a plate and 3 big screws in her knee but that was just a year ago andnow you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong w/her. She is a real baby, has a Bimple bone after supper. They are cornstarch w/no calories and dogs love them. She also is on a thyroid pill each am as she licked up some antifreeze and it almost killed her. Didn’t know there was a tiny leak in the Honda hose. Our wonderful vet saved her. Our vet’s husband took care of our cows when we had them. Sold the whole herd because our rain had decreased so much and hay was getting higher and higher. Now all we have is Sandy II and 15 chickens. They lay big brown eggs that we give away.
    Got to run.

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