Baby boy number 2

30 Dec

Well it’s been a long 9 months but here we are finally at the hospital.
Melanie’s water broke at 4:00am and aunt Windy came over to keep an eye on Matthew while we are here.

– 5:00am Arrived at the hospital filled out paperwork and got her into a gown.

– 5:25am Got into our room (blue 2 -171) and got her hooked up to all the monitors.


– 6:50am Epidural is in contractions coming on strong!!

– 7:15am Drugs are in and she is dilated to 6cm. Now that she has the drugs in her we can take it easy and maybe get a nap in.

– 7:30am Ok that was fast she is now at a 9!

– 8:11am HE IS OUT 9lbs 8oz!! 21 & 3/4″ long!!



– 7:00pm Ok we finally decided on a name for this little guy…. Miles Aaron Burns


Our little 2 year old!

6 Dec

I can hardly believe our little man is 2, where has the time gone? He had his checkup, here are the stats:

height: 37 1/4″ (95th percentile)

weight: 31 1/4 lbs (80th percentile)

head circumference: 19 3/4″ (90th percentile)


I think the pattern is clear… we have a big boy! That’s nothing new though, our little man has been a big boy all along! He is getting so smart, and so quick! He’s talking so much more, and he just cracks me up! Some of our favorite Matthew moments:

– Every night he spells out his full name (reading off the mural on his wall) and then says the full name: “Matt-chew Tommy Burns” … always Tommy, not sure why!

– One day after he had just started learning to spell his name, we were walking through the mall and all of a sudden he started spelling his name: “M eight T E W” (W pronounced “dubu”)

– Listening to him count, he can now count 1 – 10 perfectly almost every time, although he sometimes leaves out 5

– He has this crazy walk he does where he sways from side to side while kicking his feet out and he sings “bing bong bing bong bing bong”

– If he finds something funny he has to drag me over and point it out, and then he forces out a hard laugh to demonstrate how hilarious the thing is!

– Watching him play airplane with Daddy, he flys around the room with his arms out and they swoop down and graze just over wherever Violet is sitting, and he bursts out with hysterical laughter every time!

– Listening to him in his bed at night trying to go to sleep… I don’t know what he gets up to, but he laughs so hard! One thing is for sure, that boy knows how to entertain himself. And in the pitch dark, too! (he doesn’t sleep with any kind of night light)

– He loves to sing along with songs he knows (especially Fraggle Rock songs) but he always sings in a whisper. I think he’s just not sure of himself when it comes to singing, but the more confident he gets the louder he will sing.

– When Daddy says something silly I say “no way” and Matthew says “o way daddy!”

– His really drawn out “huuuhh?” and “whaaaat?”

He also loves to repeat lines from his favorite movies/shows:

“Oh my!” – Bob the builder

“Not happy bob!” (some times it’s just “not happy” or “not bob”) – the incredibles

“To infinity, and beyond” (he usually only whispers this, i haven’t been able to figure out why) – toy story

“I don’t know, amaze!” (the full line is, “I don’t know, something amazing I guess”) – the incredibles


I could probably think of a million more if I had the time, but what it comes down to is this: our little man is smart as a whip, and a complete crack up! I just hope he continues to be Mommy’s boy for a while, because I can’t get enough of him! We had a little birthday party for him which I’ll post up pictures from soon I hope – right now all the pictures are on my mom’s computer. In the mean time, here’s a little Happy Birthday Matthew dance for you!


2 Nov

Life is busy, and I’ve got 2 blogs… and I don’t seem to have time to do both lately! Not sure if I’ve posted about it here, but recently I’ve only had time to write on my other one! If you want to see some Halloween pictures of Matthew, check it out!


*I really am going to try and post more here though! My other blog is very public so I won’t be posting videos or stats on Matthew or anything.

The Baconator

12 Aug


11 Aug

Matthew’s newest “trick”… we did not teach him this, he just started doing it on his own… and of course he thinks he is hilarious!

Sleepy Matthew

10 Aug

We met up with the grandparents for the day and had quite the drive there and back. Normally we can never get Matthew to sleep in the care (especially when there are 6 people in the car) but it was hours after his nap time and he had just finished watching Toy Story (the ultimate soother for him) and we were MINUTES from home… therefore not wanting him to fall asleep!

Weekend # 2 with the cousins

9 Aug

Our second weekend with Annie and family was great, mostly we got to just catch up and the kids got lots of play time!

Aaron and I came across the best ever cinnamon roll recipe in the world and had to try them out, so I got some definite baking time in

Mattie was my little helper… man does she love to cook! That will have to be our thing when we visit, I’ll have her help me bake goodies! I have a tendency to do that anyway, but baking with her was lots of fun! (And clearly here Aaron is his usual impatient self… wanting to just EAT the goodies)

Matthew Man also got to spend some time with people he doesn’t see too often, like his Great Uncle Tony

And Great Grandma Ginger

And of course Facey got to do a little more dancing…

They went for lots of walks too, although normally it was the dogs getting walked

Look! Rocks! Look! Rocks!

I’m so glad the cousins finally got to meet eachother and get to know eachother a little